Custom Milling & Consulting


When your business demands precisely the right solution in particle size reduction or mixing technology – CMC provides an experienced, flexible and resourceful partner. The CMC team has a diverse range of capabilities necessary to quickly help define and realize your vision.

Custom Milling & Consulting is your single source for all your wet milling/mixing needs. With Product Development, Toll Milling, Supermill PLUS media millsBatch Mills, Three Roll Mills, Planetary Mixers and Turnkey Systems, CMC can offer the right solution.

This complete continuum of services is what we call our “Circle of Success”. Our motto is “Make our Customers Successful First and our Success will follow." 


  • Available in 1.5 liter and up
  • Heavy-duty power frame with chemical resistant epoxy coating
  • Pressurized cartridge style double mechanical seal
  • Spirally-cut chamber cooling jacket for maximum heat extraction
  • Large screen separation for media sizes down to 0.1mm and as large as 4.0mm – contact factory for even finer screen offerings
  • Unique Fluidizer & Fluidizer “D” milling discs
  • Flexible process design for discrete pass, high flow re-circulation and cascade milling
  • SMART HMI style PLC Control Package – available in Explosion-Proof or Dust Tight control consoles
SHRED - Inline disperser

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