david process, inc. is a regional manufactures representative and distributor of specialty chemical products and services, proudly serving Northern Illinois, Northwestern Indiana, and South East Wisconsin.

dpi represents products that have been selected for their high quality and competitive pricing. We provide solutions for the paint, coatings, ink, graphics arts, adhesives, caulks, sealants, grease, oils, paper and related fine chemical industries.



Raw Linseed Oil   10437A410        11 drums ( 4510 lbs.)      Cargill                                   


Methyl Paraben    10871A055        26 bags (1430 lbs.)         Acme Hardesty                 


Pluronic 10R5      15133A150          4 drums (1800 lbs)        BASF                                    


Silblock WMS       16768D17            2 drums (792 lbs)          Momentive                        


Methyl Proply

Ketone                 11152D01            4 drums (1440 lbs)        Eastman Chem    

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